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05/2005 moved the email lists information to the link page in their own section, updated links for Cowboys dance club on orgs page

04/2005 updated links page, removed all non working links. Removed graphics, updated footers

03/2005 moved pages to new domain.  Updated instructors, social, links on all pages, menus, footers. Removed Crystal Chandelier, Times Square listings, updated Terri Faulkner info, added DanceUnlimited link, links to Nightclubs, added Post Time info, removed Top Rail lesson info. 

12/1/04 removed KC Dance Studio / Dance Techniques from studio listing, closed.  Removed Calendar link, outdated.  Migrated pages to domain www.dancingindallas.com .   Updated Terri Faulkner home page link on instructors page.  Added Gilley's to clubs page, updated Top Rail schedule.  Updated WWFairfields schedule.  Added Dancers Directory.  Added Ad Rates page.   Updated menu bars: no color background.  Updated Teams page.   Added Graphics link to all menus.   Updated instructors page: added Tango to Clif Davis dances taught.

9/5/01removed Country 2000 from lessons page, it changed to Escapade with latin format; added Rhythm Room info; removed Jim Woeber lesson info from Cowboys Red River; removed Gary Long lessons from Top Rail; added link to Don Chesshir website; updated WW Fairfields info on lessons page; added a little info about Times Square on lessons page; updated Dancemasters info on lessons page; removed Danstar listing (closed) ; removed DanceZone listing (closed) ; updated I Dance 2 listing (moved) ; updated Strictly Ballroom - new owners and new name - Ritz Ballroom;
6/9/00 Changed Mike Mylar to Betty Anderson on Crystal Chandelier Friday night lessons on lessons page ; removed Charlotte Stem info from Danstar lessons on lessons page ; removed Chris Ashley info from I Dance 2 lessons on lessons page ; updated lessons schedule and  link to KC Dance Studio on lessons page ; removed Gary Long lessons from Plano Academy of Dance schedule ; added Borrowed Money to lessons page ; added link to website for I Dance 2 on lessons page ; removed info for Gregg Luff and Suzanne Gonzales on instructors page (moved to Sarasota, FL); removed listing for Brad Sammis on instructors page (moved to Austin);
4/3/00 added link to Open Directory dance links section on links page; removed Lori Hayner's lessons from The Bass Club on Sundays, waiting on details about her Sunday lessons moving to Top Rail.
2/9/00 added link to Go Dance! studio in Austin to links page;
1/25/00 added website link for TCWDA on orgs page; added TexasDanceDepot link on lessons page.
1/9/00 removed listing for Spy Club on lessons page as they no longer have salsa lessons
12/06/99 updated instructors page with new phone number for Paula Atherton
11/25/99 added national C&W email list to links page;
11/14/99 added age minimum info to Fairfields on lessons page
11/3/99 added second email address to chad graber listing on instructors page; more map links on social page.
10/31/99 changed graphic on updates page to "dance" when mouse moves over it; added link to website for Cowboys and Red River on lessons page; changed link to The Roundup Saloon to their new website on lessons page; updated W.W.Fairfield's info on lessons page with Gary Long's new lesson nights; updated social page with W.W.Fairfield's new info; updated lessons page and social page for Top Rail with new instructors and Stampede nights on Mondays and Wednesdays; added customized NetMind links on the bottom of each page for automated email notices when the page(s) are updated.
9/17/99 updated Sarah Graham email address on instructors page; added Wesley Neese to instructors page; updated Rick Weston info on instructors page.
9/16/99 added MamboJam to studio page; updated Don Chesshir info on instructors page; updated Fun Ed info on lessons page; updated Country Cruisers info on organizations page; added Dance Music Database link to links page.
9/13/99 updated email address for Robin Uhrig on teachers page; added David and Tami Conner info to instructors page.
9/7/99 added new Gary Long lessons info on lessons page
9/6/99 added Arabesque to studios on lesssons page; added link to RUA dancer site on links page; removed Red Jacket from lessons page; added dancing letters to images page; added "designed with notepad" graphic to main page, updated Sambuca info to include salsa nights; added Eastgate YMCA to lessons page; added link on images page to site with dance graphics; added link to Dance Horoscopes on links page; added Mike Mylar lessons on lessons page; corrected website link for country cruisers on organizations page; removed outdated weblink to "more info" on Swing Regionals on competitions/events page; added link to hamsterdance on graphics page; added Texas Dance Depot to social page; added info about newsgroup r.a.d. on orgs page; updated Dallas Dance Festival info on events/competitions page; added link to dancetalk on links page.
8/16/99 added link to website for Dance & More on organizations page; added link to Jim Woeber's website on instructors page.
7/22/99 added map links for all lessons at nightclubs; updated Silver Spur address; removed Silhouette Club from Social page.
7/19/99 added Gary Long lessons at Plano Academy of Dance to lessons page; corrected Ramiro's schedule, added phone number on lessons page
7/17/99 updated email and phone for Clif Davis on instructors page; replaced script on all pages that automates the "last updated" date. added new dance graphic on graphics page; corrected Tigger to Hobbes on dance graphics page; updated link to Cowboys Country Club on organizations page; updated lesson schedule for Richardson Senior Center on lessons page; updated link to subscribe to onelist on organizations page; added links to pages for readers to have discussions/add comments on social and lessons pages.
6/15/99 added Spy Club and Knockout Fitness info to lessons page
6/7/99 updated lessons page: Lori Hayner's lessons moved from Post Time to Bass Club; updated social page with Red River Saturday nights, Silhouette's Tuesday nights, and Bass Club on Saturday and Sunday nights; added maps for Silhouettes and Bass Club; updated calendar page with Fairfields lessons, Southern Junction social night, lesson nights for KC Studio, Danstar, Bass Club, and Red River
5/22/99 added link to Ziggy's place on links page; added info to WW Fairfields about Saturday workshops on lessons page; fixed double listing for Charlotte Stem on instructors page. added new files to dance graphics page; added link to Rowdy's web site on instructors page; added Fun Country Dance Circuit and UCWDC links to links page; removed Stampede from social page.
5/9/99 removed Stampede from lessons page, closed; added DanceZone to lessons page;
4/13/99 fixed email link for Mona Puente listing on instructors page; started adding links to maps for lessons page.
4/11/99 updated Jim Woeber's email address on instructors page, added pictures to lessons page; added Mona Puente to instructors page and her team to the teams page.
4/8/99new date for City contest on Competitions page; add link to websites for WW Fairfield's and Crystal Chandelier on lessons page; added links to websites for Dallas Push Club on orgs page; added Sleazy Bar party info on social page; added west coast swing lessons to Fairfields lessons list and put basic 2step classes back on Red River schedule on lessons page; changed SW Regional hotel, contact info on comps page; removed Brett & Kellese Key from instructors page they moved; added Charlotte Leonard-Stem, Paula Atherton, Michael Garland, David Parry, Vincent & Alicia Duhon to instructors page; removed live bands from Stampedes (which is closing May1). (whew!)
4/5/99 change to Dallas Dance Festival event directors on competitions page;
3/15/99 added Dance Zone and Knockout Fitness Studios info to lessons page;
3/2/99 changed link for swing list on orgs page; added dances to listing for Clif Davis on instructors page; fixed link for Rick Weston email on instructors page; added Gary Long email link to instructors page
2/21/99 updated instructors page: Chad Graber moved from Preston Ballroom to Danstar.
1/20/99 removed basic 2step listing from Wed at Red River on lessons page; updated Judy Wooten's swing team listing on teams page; added info to Competitions page about Texas Classic event; Added link to DanceDK on links page; removed Jim Bunch lessons from Top Rail on lessons page; updated DFYIT info on competitions page.
1/17/99 added new two step lessons at Red River to dance calendar page and lessons page
12/15/98 updated Texas Classic info on competitions page with new hotel, new email contact.
12/11/98 changed corrected phone number and Monica's info for Preston Ballroom on lessons page; removed double listing of 2 step for Jim Woeber's listing on instructors page.
12/3/98 added website post office updates through email.
12/2/98 added gingerbreadman cursor to home page
12/1/98 changed link for Red Jacket website on lessons page; added I Dance 2 Sunday WCS lessons to calendar.
11/29/98 updated links page: added Tulsa site, changed order to alphabetical. Updated link to Cowboys Country Club site on organizations page.
11/27/98 added west coast swing lessons to I Dance 2 on lessons page.
11/25/98 updated Stampede schedule on lessons page, they are now closed on Mondays; updated calendar page with KC Studio, Country 2000, Stampede changes.
11/22/98 updated KC Studio schedule on lessons and social pages
11/15/98 removed Denim & Diamonds, closed; updated contact info for Texas Dance Depot;
11/10/98 added cool fade to home page
11/9/98 changed graphic on social page; added new graphics on images page; updated link to Stampede web page on lessons page.
10/27/98 added link to Red Jacket on instructions page
10/22/98 updated listing for DanceMakers studio on lessons page. Added links for discussion board to menu.
10/21/98 created new discussion board/chat room
10/20/98 added DanceMakers of Texas to lessons page
10/18/98 added link to Dallas Dance venues on links page
10/14/98 updated Greg Leff and Suzanne Gonzales info on instructors page.
10/13/98 Added Greg Leff and Suzanne info on instructors page. Added comment about KC Studio calendar on lessons page. Removed "opening soon" from the Danstar listing; it is now open. Corrected swing team info for Special F/X and Real Tex Appeal on teams page. Added dance graphics to images page. Added info to Henry Neeman's Dance Hotlist link on links page.
10/5/98 changed menu button color and added window bar help text on menu items; updated graphic on home page.
9/30/98 changed Jim Woeber's phone number on orgs page, added Charlotte Stem info on instructors, teams, and lessons pages.
9/21/98 changed link button colors on main page; added Saturday night info for KC Studio, updated calendar. Updated instructors page: Clif Davis contact info and Chad Graber info.
9/20/98 updated lessons page: Stampede info, DanceMasters info, KC Studio info, DANSTAR studio info, added quick references. Updated competitions page Dallas Dance Festival info. Added link to my picture on bottom menus.
9/8/98 added info about Roundup Saloon on lessons page
8/20/98 updated Don Chesshir listing on instructors page
8/15/98 added Lovers Lane lessons to orgs page; added Garland Senior Center to lessons page; updated KC Studio listing on lessons page.
8/10/98 added Spotlight Dance Studio to lessons and teams pages.
8/5/98 updated phone numbers, schedule for Strictly Ballroom, Top Rail, on lessons page.
8/4/98 updated Tom Daniell info on instructors page.
8/2/98 added Robin Uhrig and Brad Sammis to instructors page; moved web links to end of descriptions on organizations, comps, social, and lessons pages.
7/30/98 added descriptions and link to Swing Dance Central on links page;removed Stampede Sunday lesson schedule.
7/20/98 added Ben de la Vega info to instructors list; added Plano and Richardson Senior Centers to lessons page; Parents without Partners info to organizations page; Strictly Ballroom phone number; updated Lori Hayner address, phone number changes on instructor page.
7/19/98 added email Lisa Polmounter to instructors page;added new keywords to home page for search engines.
7/15/98 formatting changes to text for consistency; added clock to main page; removed Rea Griffin lessons from Top Rail info.7/14/98 removed Nancy Goldberg info from I Dance 2 schedule and calendar; added Clif Davis phone number; added George Arndt email address; added Chad Graber to instructors list; added Ramiro Gonzales contact info; added javascript program to auotmatically display "last updated" info on all pages; removed TCWDA workshop info.
7/13/98 added link to Dallas D.A.N.C.E. site; updated Cowboys Arlington schedule; removed Rea Griffin (moved); added info about KC Dance Studio and DANSTAR Dance Center; added Stampede to social page; added Clif Davis to instructor list.
6/26/98 updated Jim Woeber info; added new lessons at Stampede; added Rick Weston email.
6/14/98 added sandy trent email for I Dance 2; updated calendar page; removed Nancy Goldberg (moved); added "west coast" to swing email list description; re-ordered clubs on orgs page to be alphabetical.
6/10/98 changed logo on main page (dance.html); updated instructors: cher, trey, brent & kellese key's email, corrected nancy goldberg phone, updated rick weston phone; removed ginger pickerel (moved); added email addresses for jan daniel, michael o'brien; fixed ken langley/terry lewis listing.
6/3/98 additional info on I Dance 2
5/31/98 added Preston Ballroom phone number; removed Verago studio, closed, added location Carroll Shaw workshop.
5/27/98 added Ramiro classes at Preston Ballroom; additions on links page.
5/26/98 updated Texas Dance Depot line dance lessons moved from Thu to Tue.
5/21/98 added info on Carroll Shaw workshop on TCWDA org.
5/19/98 correction to location of southwest regional swing competition to Holiday Inn North. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
5/11/98 split sections into separate pages; url changed from dancinf3.html to dance.html
5/9/98 added tag for counter; correction to email subscription info; added Cher Chilton and Brent & Bellese Key to instructor list.
5/1/98 removed verago closed; classic workshops to I Dance 2; Nancy Goldberg lessons to DanceMasters
4/29/98 added calendar page; changed Laura Jones class info; watch for changes when Verago closes 4/30; added swing regional info
4/21/98 added web counter, swing and c&w mailing lists.
4/20/98 removed The Studio, closed; moved updates to separate page; added Lori Hayner lessons to Post Time; corrected Virginia Rainey lesson time; added Ernie's; added Sambuca's; added Strictly Ballroom; changed updates order to descending; added Curtsinger's studio; changed font for instructors; added more Terri Lewis info.
4/8/98 moved V. Rainey classes from Sundays to Tuesdays, Laura Jones lessons moved to The Studio from Verago, updated Terri Lewis schedule.
3/26/98 added cowboys country club
3/25/98 updated Top Rail, TCWDC lessons, workshops
3/19/98 added Rea Griffin, George Arndt & Z info
3/18/98 added Terri Lewis, Chris Ashley info
2/28/98 added social section, additional menu buttons
2/25/98 moved Laura Jones hustle classes from Stampede to Virago, effective Mar 1
2/24/98 updated Red River Sunday lessons, Barbara's Studio phone number, Dallas Dance Festival new hotel, Country Cruisers renamed from Fun Ed Dance Club, reordered organizations, added phone number for Scott and Carla, removed push lessons from Stampede, added meta tags, moved comments to bottom.
2/17/98 removed Country 2001, club closed/changed format to hispanic

Did I miss anything? Please let me know so I can fairly list everyone. Thanks!

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