Below are graphics I found that were listed as free on the web, others I created myself. 
Please note that I've had to move the graphics off this page for better viewing. Click on the description to see each image. 
If you see images that are copyright protected, please let me know so I can remove them from this collection, or give the proper credit. 
Please also keep checking back, I'll be adding more as I find them! Thanks. 

Dancing skeleton

Swing dance icon

Swing dance icon b&w

Hand, counting 1,2,3

Silhouette of couple swing dancing

One of the Blues Brothers 

Winnie the Pooh Christmas dance

Teenager with boom box

3 Skeletons rockettes kick


Girl dancing

WB Frog

Dancing elephant

Two guys 



Hillbilly Frog

Dancing Pencil

Dance in a circle

Swing dance outline on green

Large b&w clipart scan c&w dance

More b&w clipart c&w dance


2 steppin cowboy boots

The word dance, fuschia comic sans font with shadow

Swing dancers, with musical notes

Swing/jitterbug dancers, b&w

Dance words, can use for web background.

Cartoon frog tappin his feet.

Brown tint silhouette of a c&w couple.

Black & white silhouette of a swing couple.

Black & white silhouette of a leaping dancer.

Large graphic of swingers dipping.

Chili pepper doing YMCA.

Small cartoon dog tapping his feet.

Bear shaking his back side.

Far Side cartoon.

Reggae dancing.

Dancing raisin.

Hula dancer.

Dancing clown with balloons.

Bear kicks and changes colors.

Bear "strut".

Baby wiggling.

Little girl turn on one foot.

Neon ballroom couple.

Belly dancer.

Blue figure dance moves.

Cartoon bearded guy.

A dancing brain???

Disco man.

Frog doing Travolta impression!

Cartoon bearded guy with hat.

Long skirted lady turning.

Movie usher spinning?

Man turning.

Another man turning.

White haired cartoon man.

Rotating Party Ball.

Yup, dancing robots.

Lady in long black dress turning.

Tap dancer with top hat.

Rotating man in tuxedo.

Elvis impersonator?

Two peanuts by Katie.

Divider of dancers

Cartoon devil



Hamsters dance

funkman by Renee from the msn graphics design newsgroup

Children dancing by Marie from the msn graphics design newsgroup

Dancing guy from jaybob/

Dancing letters AR G from

Website with lots of dance graphics.

Hamster dance site

C&W Couple

C&W Dance Graphics 

Jesus dance site.

Animated dancing pages web ring.

Terri spinning!



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